To view this list in your DC++ client with both NMDC and ADC hubs, use one of the following links below:

Or download latest version of DC++ with default list included.

There are 3,200 hubs and 275,596 users sharing 32.79 PiB

Last updates


Little site updates

New country lists have been added to the site. They include the following:

  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • United Kingdom

Last 5 comments and actions was also added in profile page.
Posted 15/03/13 - 19:46

New site features

A new version of the site has just been published. It includes:

  • New statistics about the users on the DC network. From you can find out the temperal evolution of the total unique users and total share over the network or the most used nicknames.
  • Pingers run now every 1 hour automatically
  • Fixed user search issue and added filters in page of user search result.
  • Other minor fixes

Next changes will concern the ADC pinger with some fixes and enhancements
Posted 02/01/13 - 12:12

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